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15 Jul 2018
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Non-Member 15 Jul 2018 $25.00
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17 Jul 2018
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17 Jul 2018
Sale Opens 15 Jul 2018

Time: 11:30 - 1:00pm


NOTE:  This is not being held at Executive Suites - it is being held at POUR HOUSE!

Members and guests are welcome.

If you have any food allergies or food sensitivities, please contact programming@rwn.ca at least ONE WEEK in advance of the event so that we can ensure everyone in attendance can enjoy the event to its fullest potential.

Pre-registration is required 2 days before the event to accommodate catering needs. Late or non registered ticket prices increase by $10 after the early registration deadline.

Attendees (5)

17 Jul 2018
11:30am - 1:00pm CDT

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  • Pour House (1802 9th ave North, Regina, Saskatchewan)