How We Communicate With You

Receive event updates, network news, and member announcements in several sends per month. Whether you're a member or not, we invite you to stay in touch with what is happening at RWN.

If at any time you wish to unsubscribe, there is a link in the footer of every email we send.

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Missing Our Email?

We ensure that we comply with all regulations and will not send email messages considered spam at any time.

However, some of our subscribers occasionally miss messages as their spam filters mistake RWN emails for spam. To be sure that you are not missing emails, please check your spam folder. If you see any RWN messages in there, try the following steps:


  1. Add as a contact.  
  2. Right-click on all RWN messages in your Spam folder and select the "Not spam" option. 
  3. Open an RWN message and create a filter to never send messages from to spam.  For help on how to do this please contact your email provider.
  4. Regularly check your Spam folder for future emails in case there is a change to your filter in the future.


Please contact Communications if you have any questions or concerns.