Host Your Own RWN Event

Hosting an RWN Mixer or Luncheon is an excellent opportunity for you to introduce members and guests to you and your business.  We are here to network, and a major piece of successful networking is building relationships.  People do business with other people they know, like, and trust.  Once you’ve made the decision to host an event, be sure to attend other events before and after yours to further extend new and established relationships in the efforts of building your business.

If you are hosting an event, here are some documents you can take to get yourself organized. The more information we have about you and your event, the better able we are to promote it to our members!

Cater an Event

We highly encourage all hosts to use RWN caterers for their events. As the caterer, it's a great way to show off your skills and network at the same time. If you would like to become part of our rotating schedule, contact Programming for details and requirements. All caterers must be active members of the network.

For a list of current RWN caterers, visit the RWN company directory.

RWN has been absolutely beneficial to the success of my business.  Seasoned business women shared ideas, gave me tips & spread the word about my catering business.  I felt a true camaraderie with the other members & I have made friends through this organization that have endured 13 years.
The meetings or mixers give us a chance to chat about what we're up to with our business, yet also learn about other members happenings.  We have the chance to showcase our work by hosting events through RWN & everyone is always positive & supportive. RWN hosts events where I know I can always interact with women who give me support.  The cost for membership & functions are affordable for small business members.
Laurie Wall, Wallnuts Expressive Catering & Wicked Meals To-Go
Member since 2002

Book Your Date

Email our Programming team to book a date.

Keep in mind that we book quite far into the future, so the date that you want may not be available.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events