Who We Are

The Regina Women's Network provides a supportive environment for personal growth, a forum for shared ideas and expertise, and a platform from which today's woman can reach her highest aspirations. Our members are representative of many career and lifestyle options and demonstrate our strength in shaping the future; for ourselves and for our daughters.


  • We are women who like challenge.
  • We are women who believe that, through our association with other women, we can foster a better sense of community and of professionalism.
  • We are women who support other women in their aspirations.
  • We are women who like to laugh and learn and relax with one another.
  • We come from every corner of the community and we share our concerns, our expertise, our ideas, our determination, and our experiences.
  • We are a Network of friends, acquaintances, professionals, mothers, wives, individuals, storytellers, and community workers.
  • We are the future!

Meet The Executive!

Our Mission

The goal of the Regina Women's Network is to achieve a supportive networking environment which attracts the finest women, fully develops and challenges our individual talents and encourages our free spirited collaborations to drive the voice of women forward.